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According to Wrap, £140 million worth of clothing goes to the landfill every year. As way to help tackle this problem, we want do our part by encouraging our customers to give back to communities, whilst helping to preserve our environment, by extending the lifecycle of their purchases. In order to do this, we have teamed up with Women Connect and The Outside Project to present our Give To Receive scheme
So how does it work?
After six months from your original purchase date, you will be eligible to send back your Mislani purchases that you no longer need, free of charge. Once we have received your donated purchase, and it has passed our quality checks, an exclusive 30% discount code, valid for 6 months, will be sent straight to your inbox. Your donated clothes will then be distributed to people who need them the most via Women Connect and The Outside Project. Both of which work closely with women and LGBTIQ community, who are in need.
At Mislani we believe that everyone has the right to express themselves and feel good, and we hope our Give To Receive Scheme can empower more people to do just that...
Why six months?
As part of our mission to encourage our customers to extend the lifecycle of their purchase, we want to make sure you get the best out of your purchase before waving them goodbye. Dress them up, dress them down, wear it to the club, or your local Tesco. Really give it a spin before you park it. Instagram may have seen it first, but there's still a good 7+ billion people who haven't. 
How do I donate my clothes?
Simply email us at with the order number of the item(s) you would like to return, and we'll send you a free shipping label for you to print at home. Once printed off, just package your item, stick the label on, and drop it off at your local post office. 
Does it matter if the clothes are damaged? 
Whilst it's the thought that counts, we do not accept damaged clothing as donations. Think of it this way, if you can't wear it, others most likely can't either.  

What happens to my donation once it's sent?

1. Quality Check - we quality check all our donations to make sure they're in good enough condition for someone else to wear. If we spot any significant damage then we'll get in contact with you offering to either recycle the item(s) on your behalf, or send it back to you.

2. Discount Dispatch - if the items pass our quality check, a 30% discount code, valid for 6 months, will be sent straight to your inbox.

3. Dry Clean - we dry clean all of our donations before sending them off to the charities we work with, to ensure they're in tip top condition before they meet their new owners.

4. Drop Off - once the items are dry cleaned, we drop them off to our charities where they'll be distributed to people who need them the most. 

Can I donate clothing from other brands? 

As we are a small business with limited staff, we are unable to accept donations of items from other brands. We do, however, encourage to donate your clothes to your local charity shop or recycle them.


ABOUT OUR PARTNERS  Women Connect is a female forward collective creating safer inclusive spaces, good fortune at equal opportunity for Women, Non-Binary and Gender-Fluid people in the creative industry. We aim to share resources and knowledge, provide networking, training, work experience and shadowing opportunities, enable confidence amongst our community and change the archaic perception that women and gender-fluid people are inferior in a working capacity. 

The Outside Project is a homeless/crisis shelter & Community Centre in response to those within the LGBTIQ+ community who feel endangered, who are homeless, ‘hidden’ homeless & feel that they are on the outside of services due to historical & present prejudice in society & in their homes. Their aims include:
- Create space to empower & bring together our whole community
- Provide a free, safe, inclusive & caring space for all LGBTIQ+ guests
- Practically, professionally & emotionally support our guests
- Develop positive relationships with services & strengthen support to the LGBTIQ+ community
- Share our knowledge to educate others on the unique & complex needs of the LGBTIQ+ community
- Advocate for LGBTIQ+ rights & needs within services
- Promote a clean, safe & sober lifestyle within the LGBTIQ+ community